-Made of stainless steel SUS304 high safety standard. 
Code  NameØWidthLengthHeightLitreCapacityBarcodePrice
26cm 4pcs Steamer Set260038008851991644269RM 319
16442828cm 4pcs Steamer Set280041008851991644283RM 359
16443030cm 4pcs Steamer Set300043.5008851991644306not available
16443232cm 4pcs Steamer Set320047.1008851991644320RM 499
16443636cm 4pcs Steamer Set360052008851991644368not available
16444040cm 4pcs Steamer Set400056.5008851991644405RM 1199
16445050cm 4pcs Steamer Set500072008851991644504RM 1499

Spec 4 Pcs. Steaming Set -Made of stainless steel SUS304 high safety standard. Not react with food handle height for safety. Avoid contact with the heat from the flames while in use. -High vaulted dome lid allows condensation to flow downward along the curve. -Does not drip onto a lateral drainage ditches on each floor. - Allowing the steam to circulate to all superb. The food is cooked the meat. -Available in various sizes The appropriate use.

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  • Brand: Zebra Thailand
  • Product Code: 164426|164428|164430|164432|164436|164440
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM319.00

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